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With day to day rapid increase in internet penetration, Click Orbits a performance-driven media network offers solutions for increasing relevant audience for your product. We have a team of highly skilled professionals analyzing tons of data using a highly efficient algorithm to understand user behavior. We are able to categorize users based on their interests, demographics, and behaviors, thus making it possible to find the best traffic for your campaigns. Our company depends on a highly efficient system that helps us to analyze real-time mobile user behavior. We use real-time data to track any changes in user engagements to keep up with the ever-changing market trends. This allows us to provide a solution that transcends time. Our service is rendered with full knowledge of the enthusiasm you have on your products. As a result, we work hard to make your sacrifices a success by continuously directing quality traffic to your campaigns. Ours is to find an enduring bond that keeps your brand afloat. We do this by finding both local and global traffic.

Enduring Users


We help Advertisers improve user engagements through the acquisition of the most enduring users in their niche market. Our success is attributed to the fact that we accurately analyze traffic sources, adopt focused targeting, and handle every challenge with a lot of creativity. You only pay for traffic that converts rather than paying even if there is no conversion. For accountability, advertisers are provided with every information about the traffic directed to their brands. We can pass information such use user device id, name of App used, and type of traffic directed to your product. Our service is not just limited to a specific geographic location as we help you target a worldwide audience. Advertisers also have a wide range of options for their marketing campaigns. They can choose a CPI, CPR, CPT, CPL, CPS or CPA promotion model. You will be relieved to know that we operate in a secure environment that helps in preventing all forms of fraud and delivering real users to your product.


Publishers can benefit from our service by allowing us to boost their sales using this highly effective traffic analysis algorithm. As a publisher, you will enjoy a high eCPM as we work hard to get top converting worldwide campaigns. This means that more people will opt into some of the adverts displayed on your page, allowing you to increase your earnings on their impressions or clicks. We will provide you with a variety of campaigns that reflect the type of content published by you as well as the interests of your target audience. This happens to be one of the reasons for the high eCPM that we promise since more visitors on your site will be attracted to the campaigns. Click Orbits will also provide quick optimizations for better conversion rates. You can be sure to receive timely payments by due date. We will regularly provide you with feedback on the quality of service rendered to you. A customer support department is put in place to answer your queries and resolve any issues that might arise.












Display Ads

We help advertisers attract quality traffic to their products by creating and placing display ads on credible websites, social media sites, and apps.

Media Buying

Our team is well versed with the different media buying platforms and will help you create a custom media schedule that meets your high expectations.

PPC Advertising

We help advertisers achieve value for money PPC advertising services by displaying their Ads on credible high traffic sites.

Social Media Marketing

We are conversant with free and paid social media Ads and will help you find the right strategy for Adverts on different social media sites.

Affiliate Marketing

Get your affiliate marketing links placed on websites that are highly likely to be visited by your targeted audience. This increases the profitability of any of your affiliate marketing activities.

SEO Optimization

Attract the trillions of daily organic traffic by optimizing your website to all the major search engines.

Email Marketing And SMS Services

We have a highly efficient email and sms marketing infrastructure that allows you to create and send quality campaigns to a targeted audience.


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